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Rank2top is a high–engagement, outcome–centric learning platform that engages learners through self–paced online learning, and live virtual classrooms led by the best faculty.
We craft learning journeys for every student that address their unique needs. We believe in the power of one-to-one learning that addresses every child's learning needs, allows students to be holistically involved in their education and be active, lifelong learners.

Easy Availability

Today, every student, who wants to excel needs best education, whether be it in school or tuition. Sometimes, to match the time of tutor is also difficult. So online tuition is the only solution for students, where students can study according to their timings and with their choice of tutors and course available on few clicks.

150+ Video courses

Rank2top has over 5000+ associate teachers and more the 10k plus registered students learning subjects they love. We have 150+ video courses.

Specialist Tutors

Only specialist teachers / lecturers/ professors are empanelled with us. We take care of the requirements of students and also plan to give maximum benefits to students. Quality to explain the subject in easiest and simplest way is very important and every tutor gives maximum efforts to strengthen the base. Our tutors make efforts to strengthen the basics of students.

Clear Doubt

There is easy accessibility to online courses and tutors. Students can ask their questions through mobile app and web. All these questions will be answered by the respective tutors.

Learning and test Practices Facilities

Online tuitions platforms follow the friendly learning environment which doesn’t promote stressing and forceful homework. Test practices are optional and available according to the course. We believe in making the students indulge in actual learning.


This facility is easily accessible on a number of devices such as mobile phones, I-pads, computers and other such devices. You are travelling or staying anywhere in the world you can access this facility 24 x 7.


Given below is the list of courses in the above mentioned that can help students make an informed and
great choice aligning with their interest and career aspirations after completing certification.

Computer Courses

In this course child will able to learn MS office and will be able to create Presentations, word files, excel sheets, working with databases. Students will have an in-depth knowledge of MS Office, and can make better presentations by using more features in Word, Excel, and power point. Our classes focus on teaching them how to use MS word to create documents, Excel to use store, organize, and manipulate data, and PowerPoint to use to create presentations and Outlook is used to manage email and calendars.

Way to IOT World

In the fast moving tech world IOT based devices have gained popularity very quickly and understanding the working of these devices is a plus for your child. In this course your kids get to interact with real iot hardware that gives a different experience from the old tradition on screen virtual class. IOT devices give students better access to everything from learning materials to communication channels, student learn in real – time. Rather than something that is simply consumed on the screen helping your child understand the particle implementation of “Internet of Things”.

Foreign Languages

The study of foreign languages enhances listening skills and memory, increases analytical abilities, and builds aptitude in problem solving and working with abstract concepts. In this course students will be able to learn grammatical concepts to enhance the process in foreign language. By learning foreign language Students will be able to learn and understand the listening skills, comprehension, spelling, and expanding vocabulary. It engages and encourages to identify unknown words and listening to them carefully

Spoken English

This course will work on every aspect of your child’s communication including reading, speaking and writing skills. Kids with strong communication skills are better learners and do better in school overall. They are able to understand concepts clearly, think critically and communicate their ideas effectively. Later in life, adults with strong communication skills are more likely to get leadership positions and advance further in their careers.

Coding & Game Development

Before we get to talk about why every child should learn to code, you may have come here looking to find out HOW you can teach your child to code. It’s easy to get started teaching children to code, even if you don’t have any coding experience yourself! In fact, we’ve compiled a list of coding concepts even 5 year olds can understand here.

  • your kids can get started with coding today! It’s easy, and all you need are items you likely already have around your house.
  • These activities are designed to take only an hour and can give kids and parents a chance to understand the importance of learning to code.

Watch. Listen. Practice. Learn.

IOTtech Education is a unit of IOTtech Softwares. We have already made our presence in the field of research and development of IOT product, Web based software, E-commerce, industrial ERP, android and iOS mobile App etc. We are helping schools to manage their schools by using our school management ERP.

In the field of online education a quality oriented platform was needed and to fill this void space IOTtech launched its education unit which deals with online and offline education of the students aspiring to place themselves at the top level of society. We have created a place where best tutors of the world are available to the aspirant students. It is very important to satisfy the inquisitiveness of students and we provide an opportunity to all students and their parents at very nominal cost.

Foundation Program

Let's start from scratch, learning the basics before you jump into advanced level courses.
Foundation courses allow you to develop abilities you need to succeed in higher education. Join now.

  • 588/session

    Programming Language - HTML (Age :- 12 yrs - 15 yrs)

  • 250/Session

    Basic Computer (age :- 6 yrs - 12 yrs)

  • 411/session

    Learn French (age :- 6 yrs - 18 yrs)

  • 411/session

    Learn German (age :- 6 yrs -18 yrs)

  • 411/session

    Learn Spanish (age:- 6 yrs - 18 yrs)

  • 470/session

    Learn Korean (age:- 6 yrs - 18 yrs)

  • 823/ Session

    AI, Coding and Game development (Age :- 8 yrs - 12yrs)

  • 1250 /session

    3d Coding & Virtual Reality Games (Age :- 8 yrs - 14yrs)

  • 1000/ Session

    Basic Game Development on Desktop (Age :- 6 yrs - 10 yrs)

  • 208/session

    spoken English

  • 1000/ Session

    Way to IOT world

  • 10000

    Happy Student
  • 1500

    Total Courses
  • 800

    Video Courses
  • 150

    Total Teachers
  • 500


Awesome Teachers

Our Teacher support team is here for you through
your course creation needs. Our professional group is always on, always there, and always helpful.

  • teacher1

    Payal Lakhotia

    “I enjoy the ease of taking courses online in my own time. Having a degree validates the experience I had gained over years in the workforce."

  • teacher1

    Chandra Das

    안녕하세요!! Hello friends, My name is Chandra Das. I am a TOPIK certified Korean language and culture teacher with more than ten years of experience in teaching. I have lived in Korea for more than a decade and learned the language there. Let's explore the

  • teacher1

    shriya kewalramani

    “Learning to write programs stretches your mind, and helps you think better, creates a way of thinking about things that I think is helpful in all domains.”

  • teacher1

    Deepak Kumar

    "The students learn what it means to invest in their own academic journey. Meeting with real-world professionals continues to propel them upwards in the pursuit of a better future"


We have been fuelled by the progress of our students
and the information that rank2top has a significant effect on their lives.

  • “It was totally amazing to be in his class, to feel the Super High-Energy, and to be inspired by his brilliant work. The knowledge he shares is an eye-opener for me and for all other teachers".

    Pooja Rawat

  • 안녕하세요, 수만입니다...I am a huge fan of BTS I was desperate to learn Korean. Everything we learned and did was amazing. It has been very fun and interesting up till now and I hope it remains the same. I don't know if it's just me or other students too.


  • I have to commute a lot to attend classes in Coding and game development. I don't mind. Because every single class has been worth the amazing journey. I think rank2top has one of the best teachers I've had. Probably the best.

    Preety Bhardwaj

  • The nice course on Basic Computer. I have learned more about computers and shortcut keys. I highly recommended students join learn basic computer with rank2top.


  • The instructor provided clear explanations that I can relate to. She had a great pronunciation of the French words. The review and reinforcement also made it easy to recall.

    Megha Roy

  • I really enjoyed doing this course. I want to one day be a web developer. I think he is a great instructor and I already purchased the programming course from him. Obviously, this won't make you a developer. I started from 0 and after finishing this cours


  • This is an excellent course; it is just what I require. I'm becoming more confident in my ability to create and launch my own website. This course comes highly recommended by me.


  • The faculty is very good, the material related to the course is also good!!. If you really wanna learn the Korean language at a beginner level or highest level, just give yourself a chance to attend class at might get the best learning experi


  • I’ve done courses with rank2top, and I love learning online with the other students and the teacher. I never forget the concepts.


  • If you had some basics with you then this course is a perfect fit. At the start, you may feel difficult as the explanation is fully in Deutsch, but gradually you will be in sync. In fact, it is actually improving my listening skills.


About us

IOTtech Education ensures complete, comprehensive education to students and make them ready for the competitive world. We have already placed strong presence in the field of research and development of IOT product, Web based software, E-commerce, industrial ERP, android and iOS mobile App etc. We are helping more than 200 schools to manage their schools by using our school management ERP. IOTtech Education provides online and offline education of the students aspiring to place themselves at the top level of society. We have created a platform, where best tutors of the world are available to the aspirant students 24 x 7.

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